Aussie Pumps 20" Spinner

Aussie Pumps 20" Spinner
Brand: Aussie Pumps
Product Code: AGPDFSC20
Price: AU$1,209.00
Cuts cleaning time up to 75% and saves water.
Aussie 20" flat surface cleaner provides fast, streak free cleaning and is ideal for cleaning large flat areas.
High pressure flat surface cleaners float on water.  These spinners are designed to operate from electric or engine drive pressure cleaner giving a streak free finish.
– Cleaning speeds up to 20m2 per minute.
– Suits machines with a maximum pressure rating of 4,000 psi and a maximum flow rate of 30 ltrs/min.
– Inlet 3/8" ... NPT-F.
– Weight 9kg
– 2 x 020 nozzles included free of charge.

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