Aussie Pumps Scud AB30

Aussie Pumps Scud AB30
Brand: Aussie Pumps
Product Code: ABSC30/GX200
Price: AU$2,600.00
Nicknamed the Aussie Pocket Rocket, these robust, high pressure cleaners suit tradesmen and contractors who need a mobile unit with the option of mounting a hose reel for convenience & safety.
– Genuine Honda GX engine 
– “Big Berty” Bertolini pump with 4 year warranty
– Weight 45kg
– Compact, robust gal frame with steel wheels & pneumatic tyres (10”)
– Detergent injection  (not for use with hose reel option)
– Pro accessories
– FREE Aussie Safety Protection Kit… protects against pressure spikes and extended by-pass running
– Optional hose reel
– Pro-foamer kit available for use with hose reel kit
This compact, mobile pressure cleaner is ideal for commercial applications including property cleaning, vehicle and plant wash down, and cleaning farm equipment.
If features a genuine Honda GX series engine (3 year warranty) and a Bertolini triplex pump (4 year warranty.)
The robust galvanised frame protects the pump and motor without restricting access for service. The frame design allows for an ‘easy fit’ hose reel option.  The four wheels with pneumatic tyres make the unit easy to move on site.
Professional accessories included;  8 metre double wire braid hose, Vario lance & pro gun.
FASTER     |    SMARTER    |   SAFER 

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