SUPASWIFT CC3300 - Electric Chipper Chopper

SUPASWIFT CC3300 - Electric Chipper Chopper
Brand: Supaswift
Product Code: CC3300
Price: AU$649.00

The CC3300 features a powerful 2hp induction electric motor which is environmentally friendly and cheaper to run than petrol options . This Chipper Chopper also features heavy duty reversible blades and is designed to feed into a convenient 20 litre garbage bag.

Electric powered means no fuel needed

Built-in adjustable chip sizing system - Perfect for mulching!

Heavy duty reversible blades that shreds branches up to 40mm in size

Quick feed cute for small foliage

Overload & safety switches for maximum operator safety

Will easily feed into a standard 20L garbage bag making it convenient and easy to use


2.0 hp


High Powered Induction Electric Motor


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