Atom 454 Deluxe Lawn Edger

Atom 454 Deluxe Lawn Edger
Atom 454 Deluxe Lawn Edger
Brand: Atom
Product Code: 20454
Price: AU$0.00

Engine: 26cc, 2 Stroke Japanese Zenoah engine
Power: 0.8 kW
Cutting Depth: 75 mm
Weight: 7.5kg

- For medium to large yards

- Light-in-weight

- Strong robust construction

- Very Easy to Start

- Very Fuel Efficient

- Long Lasting 4
- blade cutting system

- Affordable quality with long life

- Cuts neat edges everywhere

- Edges anywhere including round corners and curbs and gutters

- Fuel efficient with low exhaust emissions. Meets strict EU & USA emissions regulations

- Environmentally friendly due to speed of job completion, extremely little fuel use, economical 4-blade cutting system

- Safety features throughout

- Quality Engineering

- Solid steel precision ground ball bearings drive shaft, no belts to replace

- Catalytic Muffler

- Unbeatable superior quality that lasts

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